Road Force Balancing

Do You Feel Your Car Vibrating Through Your Steering Wheel At Certain Speeds?

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Road Force Balancing is the key to achieving a buttery smooth ride for your car. Here at the Wheel Doctor we offer a Road Force Balance with every single one of our wheel repair and powder coating services. Road Force Balancing will cure your car’s vibrations felt at speeds of 40 MPH or greater. The advanced technology will have your car rolling more smooth than you can remember. This page will break down Road Force Balancing so you can understand what you have been missing out on.

wheel repair road force balancing

We use a Hunter DSP 9700 Road Force Balancer to perform Road Force Balancing.  The machine spins your wheel against a large roller. The roller applies pressure and simulates all of the forces your wheel experiences as you drive down the road. So basically the machine is like a simulator for wheels.

wheel repair road force balancing

The Road Force Balancer then takes all kinds of data as it simulates your wheel rolling down the road. The Balancer then transmits this data back to the operator and tells the operator precisely how to balance the wheel to achieve a perfectly smooth ride. This technology is miles ahead of regular wheel balancing you receive from cheap tire shops and even dealerships.  Regular wheel balancing machines take extremely limited amounts of data and as a result cannot offer anywhere near the smooth ride that a Road Force Balancing Machine does.

If you are interested in a more detailed or visual explanation of Road Force Balancing, you can check out this video we made for our customers here:

Road Force Video Demo

And you can read this more technical Road Force article here:

Road Force Technical Article

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